I need Spirit for people

Spirit pays for itself


Spirit boosts event attendance

By offering incentives for attending events and by putting the information of every event immediately in a user's hands, Spirit boosts attendance and participation in your organization.


You collect more money from ticket sales

With more people attending your events, you can make more on ticket sales. Spirit also makes it easier for users to get their hands on tickets.


Admin costs are significantly reduced

Spirit reduces the amount of time wasted on planning and organizing events with use of our promotional and communication tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Simply email our support team with an iCal (.ics) file of your events and we'll import them into Spirit for you. If you need help getting an iCal file, just email us and we can help you with that too.
There are 3 ways for students to get Spirit ready:
1) Students set themselves up through the app. (Optionally we can email them a guide on how to get started)
2) You send our support team a list of all your student’s email addresses, and we will email them a link to set their password.
3) You send our support team a list of your student’s email addresses and passwords, and we will set up accounts for your students.
You have plenty of control over the "Spotlight" in Spirit (The first page users see when opening the app). Also our embeddable calendar will be inside your school's website, meaning it will totally have your school's look and feel.
Not at all! Spirit was designed to save schools time by removing the administrative burden. Spirit also allows for unlimited admins (you can give certain people different permissions with the simple check of a box). This means every teacher, coach, or even some trusted students can manage aspects of Spirit.
Yes! Simply Contact Us and we can discuss options with you for a custom solution.