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Your events in one place

Whether it’s students or administrators, make everyone’s lives oh so very easy by giving them one easy place to manage and access all school events. It takes less than a minute to put an event into Spirit, and once you’ve done that it’s then available at the student's fingertips, and it automatically updates all of these other communication outlets. How pretty darn smart is that.

  • The Spirit App & Website
  • Your School's Website
  • Any Digital Signage Monitors
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus)
  • Event Website (automatically created by Spirit)

Data you never had before

This isn’t your grandma’s data, Spirit enables you to analyze your event in real time. Spirit can let you know when your students are showing up to events, show you what type of students are attending events (by grade, gender, house), and more. Now you can really know if your last pre-game tailgate is worth doing again at the next game.

Promote with ease

Say goodbye to the days of creating posters and making announcements. You can focus your energy on making your event great, and we do the rest. Spirit handles event promotion, so the only finger you have to lift is when you click the “promote” button.

Everyone's in the loop

Need to make a change to your event or even cancel it? Instead of bugging the whole school with information they don’t need to know about. Spirit automatically notifies people who have RSVP'd yes or maybe about any event changes. And because messages sent out through Spirit are instant notifications and relevant to the recipient, something magical happens… your students actually start reading them.

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Create competition

You know how competitive students are, right? Well Spirit allows you to create competition in your school, and tap into that competitive spirit. All students are placed into teams; which could be grade vs. grade, or even a Gryffindor vs Slytherin scenario! These teams then compete with each other to see which can amass the most points*, and with a live ranking page, students will see exactly where they stand on a team and individual basis.

* We hear you house system schools

Check into events for points

For every event you create in Spirit, you can award points to students for attending when they check in through the app. And don’t worry, our insanely clever GPS technology verifies people are actually at an event. The system works, we’ve even seen students tweeting for more students to come to an event so their team will keep first place!

Incentivize students

Want to award more points for attending the volleyball game than a basketball game? No problem. Spirit lets you choose how many points are awarded per event, so you can boost attendance at the events that need it. And if points alone aren’t enough, you can use them to offer small prizes throughout the year to keep students engaged.

Request a demo and be sure to ask us about some of our awesome prize ideas

Get them everywhere

Psst. Want to know a secret? Students don’t check emails. That’s why Spirit allows you to send updates to students the way they want it. You can also choose who you want a message to go to (certain clubs, certain grades, groups, etc.).

  • Text Messages
  • Push Notification to phones (iOS)
  • Desktop Notification to computers (Mac)
  • Digital Signage Monitors
  • Email (for the 4.7% who still prefer email)

Know who's read messages

Need we say more?

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Spirit Stream BETA

We're really excited about this one. Spirit Stream automatically manages your school's digital signage (those screens around your school which show announcements and upcoming events). It streams information directly from Spirit in real time, so even last minute updates are reflected. Currently, some poor soul in your school most likely has to update these monitors manually every single day. Well now you can give your admin staff a break, and let Spirit do the heavy lifting. This one aspect alone will make you the superhero of your front office.